Defining Fear & Anxiety

Have you ever wondered what really drives anxiety? The short and simple answer is fear. Fear is at the very heart of a person’s anxiety. Whether it is anxiety over public speaking or anxiety over just taking a walk outside. It is fear that drives anxiety. So, let’s define fear and anxiety so you can understand how they work together....[ read more ]

Being AWARE of Your Anxiety

What if I told you your attitude towards anxiety often determines success or failure in overcoming anxiety. For lots of people their attitude towards anxiety is mostly negative because anxiety is uncomfortable. Our natural response is to fight it or do anything to get rid of it. But what if I told you that fighting your anxiety or doing anything...[ read more ]

Reevaluating Marital Priorities

In my last blog "Gardening and Marriage", I discussed how blossom end rot is a term that is not only used for gardening but can also be applied to many marriages. The main thrust in that blog was centered on the mistakes I unknowingly made as I planted my tomato plants, which, in the end, led to a slow death...[ read more ]

Gardening and Marriage

Today on my way to work I started thinking about what I was going to plant in my garden this spring. One of my favorite things to plant is tomato plants. Last year I planted 42 tomato plants and was so excited about the fruit that it was going to produce. As the season progressed the tomato plants appeared so...[ read more ]

5 Keys To A Healthy Marriage

Over the past couple of days, I have been doing some reading on how to make a marriage last. As I read about ways to having a lasting marriage, I came across 5 key principles for a healthy marriage. All 5 principles are found in Ephesians 4 and here they are: Be Honest: Eph. 4:15, Eph. 4:25 (ESV) says, “Rather,...[ read more ]

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